Hello and Welcome to my course website! My name is Allana Hudson. I am a first year student at Georgia Institute of Technology (GO JACKETS!) in the Atlanta, Georgia. My entire academic career I have always been fascinated by the intermingling of technology and education. What has to be remembered is that technology provides no benefits of its own; it is the application of technology that fully takes advantage of all it has and can offer. This website is a clear illustration of the wondrous possibly technology affords us, as I will be using this website as a platform for work I am doing in a class.
So what exactly is this site all about? One of my required classes at Tech is English 1101. I was fortunate enough to have Christina M. Colvin as my course facilitator and the topic of the course is SCIENCE IN PUBLIC. The course expounds upon the ideals, integrities, and communication complication publicized when the juncture of science, culture and composition is examined. Simply, it is a fun English class about how science is dealt out and dealt with publically. This site will feature blog posts, in-class writings, and so much more! Aren’t you excited?