VOS Topic and Genre Declaration

Text being Analyzed in this project:

  1. Mice and Rats in Research (Website)
    1. http://www.navs.org/what-we-do/keep-you-informed/science-corner/animals-used-in-research/mice-and-rats/
  2. Racism and Research: The Case of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study (A Online Published Case Study)
    1. https://dash.harvard.edu/bitstream/handle/1/3372911/Brandt_Racism.pdf?sequence=1

Genre/Medium I will compose in this project:

  • PowerPoint – Written / Visual / Oral Communication

Value that will be discussed in this project: Expendability

Why this value and these text? I chose the text about the mice and rats that we read in class because I found it’s argument valid but somewhat unsupported. Still, it speaks to mice and rats being taken advantage of because of their assumed insignificance in comparison to people which made me remember the Syphilis Study that took black men who were also considered insignificant in comparison to their white counter parts and were taken advantage of. The case study on the other hand, was several pages long and was well supported. It was also written a very long time ago. The time difference in respect to the two pieces also makes them very interesting to compare. Regardless of the things that can be contrasted about them they have the value of expendability in common. Science takes advantage of people and things that it deems expendable. But what gives science that right? An online dictionary defines something that is expendable as something “of little significance when compared to an overall purpose, and therefore able to be abandoned”. Black men years ago and mice today were and are considered expendable. For the greater good of scientific progress? It is all so very wrong…

Group or Individual Project? Individual