Website Reflection

I absolutely enjoyed having my own website this year in English 1101. Even from the beginning it was fun. Like how interesting it was choosing how I wanted to style it. One choice I made was choosing the flowers in the test tubes for the picture for my homepage. I liked it because it encompasses me since I love flowers and science because it is the core topic of the class. I knew then that I would enjoy using my personal website throughout the class.

At first it was difficult trying to maneuver WordPress. I did not understand children pages and how they were the drop down menus for classes but once I figured it out I was very happy because it added an easier and accessible way to get to pages all under one topic. I also appreciated the blog posts. Before this semester, I had never done a blog post but it was refreshing to give commentary on all different kinds of text. Even though I am not sure people outside of my English class will ever visit my webpage I have already shown it to many of my friends because I am proud of it. It is much like a web portfolio for all my work this semester and I think it is neat to have another medium to compose in other than the orthodox pen and pencil on paper. Paper gets lost and torn but the internet is practically forever and because of this I will always remember my first English course at Georgia Tech because of my website: